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I've been kinda silently observing Newground for years now (Since I was like 8), but I kinda wanna become legitimately active on here.

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Posted by MMDDaylight - 1 month ago

I'm considering making an FNF mod that's themed around Pico and BF arguing and venting with each other over their unresolved break-up problems, since they're canonically exes now and supposedly Pico has a grudge against BF.

It will be called "An Old 'Friend' Edition"

I think the plot of it would be like everything leading up to week 3 is the same, but when BF and Pico meet again they have a bit of a back and fourth about how it's been a while and how Pico was supposed to kill him but will cut him a deal and battle him instead. BF asks GF to just put his instrumental playlist on shuffle and instead of an original beat it ends up playing some songs they weren't expecting, and miraculously they all end up being aggressive break up songs, so the two just kind of duke it out by singing along.

I wanna do custom covers of songs where they have a bit of a back and fourth at each other. Definitely real songs, just covered and filtered to actually sound like Pico and BF. They're basically fighting about their unresolved hurt feelings entirely on accident via the songs that play.

If anyone has any angsty breakup songs that'd work drop em in the comments as a rec.

Already gonna do Lucid Dreams, but not sure what else to do. I want to do 3 songs total, so a regular full week.

And yeah I know this is kinda cringe, but I don't care. I haven't enjoyed a piece of media this much in ages and it feels good to have so much creative energy for once.

Also please don't clown on this post about Pico x BF being "annoying" or "gross" or "toxic"

I'm minding my own business, so you should mind yours. Not everyone who enjoys that pairing is an obnoxious little teenage girl. I'm a queer adult man and I have my reasons for enjoying this ship. Personally I prefer BF/GF/Pico as a polycule because I myself am polyamorus.

Typically the kind of shitheads who complain about Pico x BF are just doing a shit job at veiling their homophobia, so I just do not wanna hear it.